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Dischordant Rhyme

So, here is where I attempt to write a gig review for a gig that:
a) Was more than a week ago,
b) Was mostly songs that I knew but didn't know the names of, and
c) I don't have a full setlist for.

Last Saturday, April 9th, I saw Tom McRae live for the first time. I've known about Tom for some time, but it was only when asking for album recommendations last year to spend birthday iTunes money and mrhig and rougeforever suggested Alphabet of Hurricanes that I actually gave him a proper listen. And for most of the past year, that was really all I'd listened to. Then when the prospect of gigs came up in the New Year and I said "YES PLEASE!" I figured I ought to get hold of some more of his stuff.

Anyway, I digress, as I always do. I'm quite good at it.

This was not your ordinary Tom McRae gig. This was a bit different. It was Tom and a string quartet... in a church. In the company I was with I was something of a sore thumb - everyone else had attended (or was attending) at least one other gig on the mini-tour, and I was just there for the one night.

rougeforever had been a bit ambivalent about the previous night earlier when I'd asked her, so I really didn't know what to expect. However, there was a slight change which meant that things might turn out a little better. The cellist in the quartet (who by the sound of it was the one that held it together) had been unable to play the previous night due to injury - he'd been knocked off his bike a week or so before. However, he had decided he could play this evening (whether this was due to miraculous recovery, bribery, or threats, we have no idea).

The gig opened with You Cut Her Hair. Possibly the first Tom song I ever heard. It was a nice opener, but it's really not a big song for me.

And this is where it gets hazy. I've no idea what the next song was, but I'm pretty sure Karaoke Soul was after that. And Karaoke Soul was ace. It demonstrated that in a small church with good acoustics that a string quartet was all you needed. It also demonstrated that the small church did indeed have good acoustics.

I can really only talk about the highlights for me from this point on, and they're in no particular order because I have NO idea of the order:

2nd law unaccompanied, just Tom on a keyboard.

A lengthy talk from Tom about exploring the folkish roots of his music and going back to older more traditional songs and experimenting with them, complete with very traditional sounding intro from the quartet... then launching into a cover of Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf.

Some kind of nasty sounding technical problem (there were pops and crackles and EVVYFINK) leading an unaccompanied version of Bloodless to be brought forward... with a rousing singalong from the audience (I love singalong bits), AND Tom climbing the stairs to the pulpit to do the last verse.

A new song... some drunkard in the audience shouted "WOO!" as Tom started playing it, and got the reply "What do you know?" Said drunkard then shouted "NEW SONG!" Said drunkard is almost certainly either cringing or laughing or both while reading this. Not mentioning any names but it was someone already mentioned in this write-up and it wasn't mrhig.

Tom making a show of looking up nervously at the beginning of Ain't Scared of Lightning.

One Mississippi as the end to the main set, complete with singalong moment.

The Boy with the Bubble Gun being just perfect.

All in all, I loved it. I am now very keen to see Tom do a more conventional gig. I would have gone along to the Alphabet of Hurricane gigs had a taken an interest a bit quicker, but hey-ho.

Yes. More please.


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